Old Venetian harbor Chania


The old Venetian harbor of the city of Chania, is the most visited attraction in the whole prefecture. Visitors from the whole of the prefecture as well as from the rest of the island of Crete, take the time to visit the harbor and the surrounding streets of the old town, at least once.

Venizelos Tombs


One of the most popular locations, worth vising during your stay in Chania, is the Venizelos Tombs. The spot offers an amazing panoramic view of the whole city of Chania! They are located a few kilometers east of Chania, on the way to the airport.

Falasarna Beach


One of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the whole island of Crete, famous for its crystal clear turquoise blue waters! Falasarna beach is found at the western coast of Chania prefecture. It is accessible by car and it is worth visiting for its crystal waters and coral colored, powder sandy beach. You will enjoy, perhaps, the best sunset in Crete!



The village and the beach of Sougia are located 67km south of the city of Chania. In Sougia you may find hotels, coffee shops, restaurants-tavernas, and an ‘endless’ beach where you can enjoy your swim in the Libyan Pelagos. The main, large beach is organized offering the visitor, umbrellas, chaises-longues, and showers, whereas, at a small distance by foot and to the east, you may find smaller ‘private’ coves, ideal for nude swimming and sunbathing.



Paleochora is situated at the southwest coasts of Chania. It is a seaside town and a favorable destination for thousands of visitors. 70km separate it from the city of Chania. Paleochora is built on a peninsula and between two picturesque coves with amazing blue waters. There are a large number of beaches, where you can enjoy your swim and lay back and relax. The prevailing weather conditions favor wind and kite surfing lovers. Paleochora is truly a charming area, fully organized, offering visitors countless of choices for a pleasant stay and vacations of good quality.



A truly famous Cretan destination is Elafonisi. Elafonisi is a tiny island attached to the southwestern corner of Crete. You may visit it by car, driving south west from Chania for about an hour and a half. It is characterized as a small paradise placed on earth, thanks to its powder, white-pink sand colorations and joined by its crystal turquoise blue waters, it is an extraordinary experience. It is considered one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the prefecture, and every summer it is flooded by visitors of every age and origin.

Sea lake Balos & Gramvousa


Reaching the fast west edge of Crete, you will find the sea lake Balos; an idyllic and exotic beach, thus making it one of the hot spots! It is definitely worth visiting this destination and enjoy the unique landscape as much as the tropical waters of Balos! In order to get there, all you need to do is drive to the port of Castelli, in Kissamos, and take a boat for a daily cruise. The itineraries are daily. It is a destination, guaranteed, worth dedicating a whole day for its enchanting waters!

Sfakia Chora and Fragokastello


Two destinations that are considerably popular and endearing to many visitors, are Sfakia Chora and Fragokastello.

Sfakia is a historic area of Southern Crete and is situated at the southern part of the Chania prefecture. It was once considered one of the most insubordinate areas in Greece and thus is often compared to Mani and Souli, infamous for their rebellious and insubordinate nature. It is a particular area, characterized by the Cretan manliness and its brut natural beauties. Sfakia is surrounded by the steep slopes of the White Mountains and the plethora of gorges created between them, while in the south it is bathed by the Libyan Pelagos.

Fragokastello is found in the area of Sfakia, at the southern shore of the Sfakia Chora. It is a small seaside village with just a handful of houses, however it does provide enough rented rooms and studio apartments for the visitors.

Lake Kourna


Another ideal destination for a day trip is Lake Kourna, which is located very near Georgioupoli town. It is the only freshwater lake on the island. Lake Kourna, in ancient times was known as Korisia, however during the centuries that followed, the name changed by its Arabic counterpart.

It is located on the north part of the Chania prefecture, at a magnificent location under the Kourna village, surrounded by mountains and large cliffs, around 4km from Georgioupoli town.

Knossos Palace


The Minoan palace of Knossos is the main area of visitors’ interest, within this ancient kingdom-city whose civilization continually thrived from Neolithic years up to the 5th century b.c.

It is located at a 5 km distance from the center of Heraklion city, on the road leading to the traditional settlement of Archanes. The palace is built on the Kefala cliff, with easy access to the sea, but also to the inland of Crete. According to tradition, the palace was the headquarters of the wise King Minoa. Fascinating legends of the Labyrinth with the minotaur and that of Dedalos and Ikaros, are all associated with the Knossos Palace.

The Knossos Palace is the most important tourist attraction in the whole of Crete and has the highest visitors’ rates throughout the year.

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